Sundays, Church and Blue Laws

What should we learn from our culture which is running, turning and burning seven days a week while church culture still primarily is running and turning (hopefully not burning) one day a week?   Plenty!  As a pastor it is easy to be displeased with our culture’s loss of respect for Sunday’s as a day apart, where work, sporting events, dance etc… were off limits, giving everyone an opportunity to attend their local church.  But could it be that culture is just catching up to where the church has been heading all along?  In reality the church in general has become a type of recreation, a spectator sport with comfy seats and a clock to time the event and you can even watch a replay at home.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh but hopefully it makes a point.   The reality is that our culture is most likely not going back to the days of the “Blue Laws” yes for those who did not know there was actually a law prohibiting certain activities, such as shopping, on a Sunday, but the church can go back to the life changing truths modeled in God’s Word.

Here are some thoughts: Because of our cultural shift Sunday mornings are difficult especially for those who have no choice but to work, but remember there are six other days to gather…  The early church was a committed church, they loved one another and were deeply committed to the welfare of each other (Acts 2:45).   The early church soaked in the Word of God (Acts 2:42).  The early church took seriously when Jesus said that people can’t live on  bread alone, but on every word that comes from the Lord’s mouth (Matthew 4:4).  The early church did set a day apart (a day of rest) to honor and worship the Lord, and yet that was not their only time of worship or gathering (Acts 2:46).  In truth the early church was a seven day of week church and certainly was not attended or dearly loved by most.

So, don’t be dismayed by our cultures abandonment of Sundays as a day apart or a day of rest.  If I were not a Christian I would probably be celebrating the first day of the week as just another day of beach or cabin (well maybe not beach) but you get the idea, but because Jesus has changed my life I value the gathering of believers, it’s something nothing else in life can fulfill.  Keith Anderson says it well, “I don’t want the Church to be dependent on the world to say Church is important. I want us to say this is important because of Jesus, the persuasiveness of the Gospel, for its own sake, on its own terms…” Church let’s be a seven day a week church, celebrating our togetherness on Sundays but also everyday…. All the while being on mission for God…