Living Room Church

Living Room Church:  Acts 3:1-10

Open It

  1. If a stranger were to ask you for a handout, what would you most likely do? Why?
  2. How do you feel toward people who are poor, homeless, or obviously needy?
  3. What do you remember about a time when you were very sick or hurt?

Explore It

  1. Where were Peter and John going? (3:1) When?
  2. Why were the apostles going to the temple? (3:1)
  3. Who was carried to the temple gate every day? (3:2)
  4. How long had the beggar been crippled? (3:2)
  5. Why did the crippled man spend every day at the gate called Beautiful? (3:2)
  6. What did the beggar do when he saw Peter and John approaching? (3:3)
  7. How did the two apostles first respond to the crippled man? (3:4)
  8. What did Peter say to the beggar? (3:4-6)
  9. In what ways did the crippled man respond to Peter’s words? (3:5,7-8)
  10. After he was healed, where did the beggar go? (3:8)
  11. What did Peter and John do after the miraculous healing? (3:8)
  12. What happened when the man responded to his miraculous healing? (3:8-10) Why?
  13. How did the people feel about what had happened to the crippled beggar? (3:9-10)

Get It

  1. If God were to do a miracle of healing among the people in our church, how do you think most people would respond? Why?
  2. When was the last time God answered a prayer of yours in a joyful way?
  3. Besides providing financial aid, what can Christians do to help those who are poor or needy?
  4. How can our congregation be helpful to people with disabilities?
  5. How can our congregation be sensitive to the needs of those who are physically disabled?