Choosing to be “bound”

Why do I choose to stay “bound” on some issues where other Christians find liberty? I.e. alcohol, language, movies, music, modesty, what we do with our bodies etc. Before I answer, let me first say, that I fail miserably at times and continually seek God’s forgiveness, grace and guidance.

My answers will not be with scripture but by using a general observations. My observation is that many if not most children do not reach the same social, moral or Christian maturity as their parents. You can look at our own history or biblical accounts to see this happening from one generation to the next over and over again. On occasion a generation will find it’s way back to social/moral/Christian roots but this is few and far between. Furthermore, children (mine included) will take the level of liberty I.e. where I/we draw the line, on our social/moral/Christian issues and take it even further as they gain their own independence. Most likely, you and I only have to look as far as our own parents i.e. where they drew the line, and compare with our own. I am not referring to a legalistic spirit which corners and creates an environment of bondage but rather a decision to be “bound” for the betterment of others.

Our society is a product of social/moral/Christian character being eroded away over the generations by accommodating and then receiving what society deems as appropriate morality and what is socially acceptable at any given time. I have chosen to do what I can with the Lord’s help to stop the erosion where for me it matters most, in my very own family. Which means I will gladly give up my liberty for what I believe will create a solid foundation for my children and future generations.

Pastor Curtiss